Commodities Boom & Stock Market Sell-Off | Tavi Costa

Tavi Costa from sees a commodities boom amid a stock sell-off. Here’s why.

0:00 Intro
1:12 Commodities Boom
5:55 Economy & stock market
12:23 Federal Reserve & inflation
18:3 Why silver & gold
20:42 Silver & gold pullback
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7 thoughts on “Commodities Boom & Stock Market Sell-Off | Tavi Costa

  1. Did you see that thief in Anaheim CA who was stealing a Catalytic converter? His Jack failed and he was crushed Dead. He was chasing the commodity black market

  2. What? They are not trying to fix inequality the middle class is pretty much wiped out and the poor are poorer and rich and richer next is inflation to take the poor farther down … we are moving into a 2 tier society master and slave

  3. Reading from the Fed playbook? Seems like a head-fake for the rich. To think we could go 10 more years like this before depression hits-as was in 1910s, sets us up to be sheared by intentional inflation by big banks while billionaires hide out in passive and premium hard assets.

    Not at the end of a cycle, really? Print some more monopoly money! What could go wrong?!?

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