Chris Vermeulen: Opportunities Abound as the Commodities Super Cycle is Just Getting Started

We are joined on Metal Money by Chris Vermeulen, founder of Technical Traders Ltd. We discuss why gold and silver are not out of the woods and how the early stage of the commodities supercycle now is reminiscent of the last cycle which began in 2003.

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Translated titles:
Chris Vermeulen: Es gibt viele Möglichkeiten, da der Rohstoff-Superzyklus gerade erst beginnt

Chris Vermeulen: Les opportunités abondent alors que le super cycle des matières premières ne fai

Chris Vermeulen: Kansen zijn er in overvloed nu de Commodities Super Cycle net begint

Chris Vermeulen: Peluang Berlimpah karena Siklus Super Komoditas Baru Saja Dimulai

Chris Vermeulen: opportunità abbondanti poiché il super ciclo delle materie prime è appena inizia

Chris Vermeulen : 상품 슈퍼 사이클이 이제 막 시작됨에 따라 기회가 풍부합니

Chris Vermeulen: Peluang Berlimpah ketika Kitaran Super Komoditi Baru Bermula

Chris Vermeulen: Возможностей предостаточно, поскольку супер

Chris Vermeulen: Möjligheter överflödiga när Supercykel för råvaror har precis kommit igång

11 thoughts on “Chris Vermeulen: Opportunities Abound as the Commodities Super Cycle is Just Getting Started

  1. Madelon Talks The future standard second video of her … just like Chris and Patrick, she puts everything in perspective.

  2. Nobody's selling physical silver. The battle is for the physical market. These market manipulators can make as many paper contracts as they want so I don't know why anyone even looks at the stock market. I'd start looking at bullion dealers for price because physical is all that matters because paper isn't silver. The only thing I'm hearing people talk about other than physician is PSLV.

  3. It is a real honor to present some honest, "pump-free" precious metals and market analysis to SB TV viewers. Please comment and let me know what you agree or disagree with (don't worry silver bugs, I still feel silver is going to the moon). If you would like to see more unbiased research you can stop by my blog.

  4. I really, Really wish pundits wouldn't be asked the most inane question of them all: How much will gold be priced on xx/xx/21?
    As Rick Rule always says: "The prediction says more about the predictor than it does about the prediction".
    Just STOP asking people who don't have a crystal ball! Duh!!

  5. trust is a game, i own AAGC, But not buy now, let it go lower then buy 20 k shares, sit on it, good luck All, but still i not trust suits, yes the suit is correct 100. but cash in the mattress is still ok, some how i like both you guys, give me meds, lol, now at bs at 11.00 min i not like this suit, all guessing bs..

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