China Vows ‘Zero Tolerance’ for Commodities Futures Violations

May.23 — China says it will severely punish violations in commodities markets, ratcheting up a campaign to rein in soaring prices, says the National Development and Reform Commission, the country’s top economic planning body. Bloomberg’s Jason Rogers reports on “Bloomberg Markets: China Open.”

8 thoughts on “China Vows ‘Zero Tolerance’ for Commodities Futures Violations

  1. America companies are pushing EV, Solar, Wind while exploring geothermal. So the U.S. demand for copper, etc… has raised. Perhaps China should figure out how supply and demand effects price. You can't commit human rights violations to correct this issue. Supply has to increase and or demand decrease. You want to increase supply? It costs money to open new mines in the west. We don't have slave labor working for a bowl of rice.
    So pay the price or do without. But I own FCX stock which means I have a dog in the fight.

  2. Sure they have an impressive economy, so did Germany and for the same reason. Anyone remember that virus they released? How come they have never had to pay for the damage?

  3. China just reset their currency so they buy at 30% cheaper price all the worlds crops

  4. Tell China to stop creating so much demand and the prices wont go up so much. China needs to tighten its belt.

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