'Bloomberg Commodities Edge': Iran Nears Nuclear Deal

May.20 — Bloomberg Commodities Edge” talks to the smartest voices in the commodity world about the companies, the physical assets, and the trading behind the hottest commodities. This week, Bloomberg’s Alix Steel discusses the moves in metal prices, a potential Iran nuclear deal, and Hyliion’s efforts to convert more commercial truck fleets to electric.

5 thoughts on “'Bloomberg Commodities Edge': Iran Nears Nuclear Deal

  1. United States well services USWS on the NASDAQ should do. Oilfield service companies are going to rise.

  2. All they (Iran), needs now is for James Taylor to roll in and sing, “you still got a friend”, and “go get your cash sittin on the tarmac”.

  3. Best stocks Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Twitter, Nvidia, Microsoft, Netflix. Disney and Wells Fargo for the recovery,;;;;;;;;;;;;;

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