Beginner's Guide to Trading in Commodities – Part 1 | #Learn2Trade Session 9

Learn to Trade with me, Vivek Bajaj. This video is for all the beginners who want to start out in the share market as a trader. I will discuss the very basics of commodities trading in the part one of the commodities trading video, explaining the meaning of a commodity to technical analysis of commodities.

Starting out in the commodities market helps to build a good foundation in trading and makes trading in the equity market relatively easy. I will share more such relevance of trading in commodities and how can you benefit from it.

I will use the example of gold which is a widely traded commodity in India and in the global markets to explain the different parameters that impact the gold price. Watch the entire video for a free and detailed beginner’s guide of #trading in commodities.

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0:00 Introduction
3:38 What are commodities?
4:55 Forwards contract
5:50 Futures contract
6:31 Commodity Exchange
7:22 Commodity futures contract
14:25 Parameters to track for commodities trading

24 thoughts on “Beginner's Guide to Trading in Commodities – Part 1 | #Learn2Trade Session 9

  1. Thanks a lot vivek sir ., please continue with commodity,none of u tube channel explains commodity ,everyone on you tube talks about equity.

  2. i was eagerly waiting for commodity series like this .Amazing Sir….no one on youtube talking or teaching commodities in a meaningful way like this….

  3. Sir please make a video on short selling and how to determine how much the value will fall in a day.

  4. Sir ,I am doing trading on commodities only.But I want to learn more .Plz make a course on commoditity training details

  5. Innovative stock market series that you have given to us really appreciate and valuable. Thanks you sir

  6. Sir sir please options trading kaise karte hai kab trade mei enter Karna Chahiye or kab exit ispe please please please video bana dijiye

  7. Excellent video sir….first time i found exact information about commodity trading in very simple language YouTube…

  8. Good Evening Mr Bajaj… Once again u have nailed it…👍 But It will be great first we can stick to equity and then move on commodities. It's just a suggestion..Thanks for your effort..

  9. The way you help understand the concepts is amazing! It clears all the concepts easily, You are doing a great job!! Wonderful!!!!

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