Are We Witnessing a New Commodities Supercycle?

As economies start to reopen from the pandemic, commodity prices have rebounded strongly and markets are already pointing to signs of a new commodity supercycle. What are the characteristics of a supercycle? What trends suggest that the global economy may be on the threshold of the next commodity supercycle? Presented by@CME Group:

4 thoughts on “Are We Witnessing a New Commodities Supercycle?

  1. Why is nobody talking about Cruptocurrency at this moment? It's on a bull run and a lot of people are defintely gonna miss out on that just like the last time i made $7000 with just $1000

  2. The earth has been warming since exiting the last ice age and was far warmer at previous points in history. To think humans are the driving factor behind climate change/global warming simply ignores the trends.

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