Weekly Forex Market Analysis 7 – 11 Aug 2023 | Major, Minor, Commodity and Crypto Pairs Analysed

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Weekly Forex Market Analysis 7 – 11 Aug 2023 | Major, Minor, Commodity and Crypto Pairs Analysed. Maximize your forex trading potential with my latest weekly video analysis. Stay ahead of the forex market and gain a competitive edge by watching me cover major, minor, commodity, and crypto pairs. With insights for daily, weekly, and monthly timelines across 14 pairs, including gold and bitcoin, my analysis is a comprehensive guide to the forex market. My expertise lies in identifying potential buy or sell opportunities by examining market swings, support and resistance levels, and trade targets.

Introduction – 00:00
My Trades – 00:26
EUR/USD Forex Analysis – 02:45
USD/JPY Forex Analysis – 05:06
USD/CAD Forex Analysis – 07:08
EUR/GBP Forex Analysis – 09:25
AUD/USD Forex Analysis – 11:56
NZD/CAD Forex Analysis – 14:08
GBP/NZD Forex Analysis – 15:52
CAD/JPY Forex Analysis – 18:29
GBP/USD Forex Analysis- 20:40
GBP/CAD Forex Analysis – 23:09
GBP/JPY Forex Analysis – 25:22
XAU/USD Analysis – 27:43
BTC/USD Crypto Analysis – 31:07
Bonus Pair – 32:56

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