Uranium Surges to $83 🚀 Gold Corrects 🫣Commodities Overview 📈

The stock market continues to grind sideways. The dollar looks like it found support and will bounce to the upside. Gold and silver have corrected, giving those who don’t have a position a second chance. Copper up slightly for the week. Uranium is continuing to defy gravity and climb higher and higher. Sellers are now asking $83 per pound. Some selling pressure in the uranium equities as people take profits.

Natural Gas companies Devon and EQT are brought up. We made a quick trade on Tellurian. Oil dropped to the high 60s last week, dragging the equities with it. Several limit orders hit adding to the dividend portion of the portfolio. Coal is now on our radar thanks to our member Nolan Sacket. We will be looking to place bets as time goes on and Met Coal prices come down.

Bitcoin has flattened out slightly. We review BHP and Rio Tinto dividends. We did a swing trade in NAT and got stopped out for a 3% loss. Platinum and Palladium are getting cheaper by the minute. Bonds are starting to reverse, remember to keep buying 4 week T-Bills for your cash position. Thank you for watching! Support the show and hit the like button. Join In it to Win it by subscribing and hitting the bell notification icon to be notified of future episodes. Welcome to the hive!

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00:00 Fed Meeting
1:10 S&P-500 / DXY
2:40 Gold / GROY
4:16 Silver / SILJ / SLVR
6:20 Copper / COPX / AZMCF
7:16 Uranium / SRUUF / URA / URNM
9:12 UEC / DNN / NXE / UROY
11:20 Nat Gas / DVN / EQT / TELL
14:00 Oil / XLE / XOM / BSM / WDS
16:55 Coal / GLNCY / APMCF
18:45 Bitcoin / BHP / RIO / NAT
20:00 SPPP / TLT / 4 Week T-Bills

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