Resources & Commodities in Minds of Nations

00:06 Distribution of resources on the map
00:45 Wide maps in Minds of Nations distribute resource groups on an west-to-east axis
01:36 Trade with far-away nations for variety and bonuses
01:58 Adapt resources to local climate
02:47 Discovery of resources
03:28 Rare exploration bonuses
03:40 What does each resource do ?
04:20 Large stockpile clearance
04:35 Filter the economy by resource usage
05:26 Wonders
05:55 Military Units
07:00 Adapt resources to local climate [again]

Selective Breeding:
Earn Gold via Trade:
Elite Military Corps:
How to Make an Alliance with A.I. Nations:

Ideas & Effect Packs:
Specialist Groups:
Influence & Centralization:
How to attack/colonize islands:

The “Soul-Thing” Explained:
Victory Conditions: