Helima Croft Unpacks Global Commodities Amid Geopolitical Crises | FT Global Commodities Summit

In this exclusive interview from SmarterMarkets™ host, David Greely, delves into a riveting conversation with Helima Croft, the Managing Director and Head of Global Commodity Strategy and Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Research at RBC Capital Markets.

Recorded live from the Financial Times Global Commodities Summit, they discuss crucial topics impacting the commodity markets in today’s complex geopolitical landscape.

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📌 Timestamps:
0:00 Introduction
0:09 Comparing the current conference to previous ones
0:57 Contagion to commodities from the banking sector crisis
1:19 Helima’s ideas for the conference and key takeaways
1:59 The Iranian nuclear program as an under-appreciated risk
2:55 Environmental risks and Russian oil flows
3:30 The industry’s need for clarity and a clear regulatory message
4:06 Europe’s energy security and the role of natural gas
4:47 Closing remarks

In this video, Helima shares her perspective on under-appreciated risks, the Iranian nuclear program, Russian oil flows, and the need for clear regulatory messaging from governments.

Her and Greely explore Europe’s energy security and the consequences of potentially not having Russian gas supplies in the long term.

✨Don’t miss this enlightening conversation as they navigate the challenges and opportunities faced by the commodity markets during unprecedented global crises.

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