Commodity Supercycle Just Starting: Green Revolution Sets Up the Trade Of the Century – Will Rhind

Commodity Supercycle Just Starting: Green Revolution Sets Up the Trade Of the Century – Will Rhind

Will Rhind is the Founder and CEO of GraniteShares ETFs. He lays out the bull case for various commodities, including Gold, Uranium, and Palladium. The commodity supercycle is being driven by inflation in the short term, but also the new global energy infrastructure being built for the transition to renewables. Will also shares his thoughts on the reopening, the broad equities market, and the VC and private equity money flowing to the Bitcoin ecosystem.

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About Will Rhind
Founder & CEO | GraniteShares

In 2016, Will Rhind challenged himself to find a way to do things differently. As a 18-year veteran of the ETF industry with experience working at, building and running, well-established successful ETF businesses, he made a keen observation: investing just isn’t as exciting as it once was. He asked himself, how do you bring back that excitement? As an experienced entrepreneur, he decided to answer that question by launching his own ETF company – GraniteShares was born. Will’s focus on disrupting the financial industry has taken GraniteShares from an idea to a successful start-up garnering the attention of Bain Capital and other well-known ETF investors who support his passion to create products that will change the way people see investing. Will spends his time outside of GraniteShares with his wife and three children. He’s on the Board of Directors of the Bath University Foundation, has a passion for classic cars, Manchester United, and travel – especially back to his roots in Aberdeen, Scotland, “The Granite City.”


0:00 Intro
1:33 CPI Inflation vs Asset Price Inflation
5:41 Platinum Bull Case
8:03 Uranium
10:34 Broad Equities Market – Don’t Fight The Fed
12:30 Will Spending Return Upon Reopening
17:40 Inflation and Gold in 2021
21:24 Bitcoin

Completely New Global Energy Infrastructure

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