Commodities Update: Technical Analysis: BOOM Coming?

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dollar sideways, yields higher, and gold looking strong still. Lots of commodities looking strong and moving higher with some momentum and with strong finishes.
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14 thoughts on “Commodities Update: Technical Analysis: BOOM Coming?

  1. I think the wedge formation on Oil is questionable.
    HOWEVER, the downtrendline is legit – with WTI breaking out (similar to Commodity Index)
    and Brent right on it.

  2. First time I hear the 1:05 the batman patter 😉 Have a great w/e foxs Btw it has been pretty cold in Europe as lately lets go NG1🤠

  3. Dollar looking at support @ 94ish. Huge cup and handle formation.

    TNX shows multiple support currently. It’s been prone to bounce off this level. Several touches.

    TYX looks the same.

    TRJEEFFCB bouncing strong of support. Multiple strong positive bars/CANDLES.

    Gold hitting a high

    Silver can’t tell
    Platinum looks positive. Lots of climax topping candles.

    XAU/GOLD basing strong consolidation pattern. Could be manipulated to the upside.

    GDX. Looks strong

    SILJ not really that strong. Tentatively going up. Candles are weak on some sessions.

    CL1! STRONG Trend line break

    NG1! Manipulated lower

    XOP can’t tell
    OIH strong upside
    URNM volatility is strong in that one
    Currently losing in the ETF

    TAN not yet.
    COPX WHOA! Nice green candle strength
    LIT and REMX May fake out
    SPX neutral / sideways all depending on January barometer

  4. You are correct sir homebuilder confidence went for the first in year. Additionally mortgage applications went up dramatically last week. Too many millennials to few homes.

  5. I've been investing with TERESA JENSEN WHITE's guidance for a few years and I couldn't be happier. Her company has given me the best ROI while preserving my capital and has the most thorough investment guidance out there. It also never burns my money with speculation or poor philosophies of risk management.

  6. Another 8.4 million barrel crude build up and a 3.3 million gasoline build up.
    Considering we have China reopening, SPR stopped releasing, war in Europe and coming from several years of supply disruptions… your Oil and gas predictions were absolutely horrendously wrong.
    The writing is on the wall… Once China initial demand stabilises prices will resume the down trend.

    Let's also remind ourselves how you said month after month that capital would move out from general market and bonds to pile on to commodities…
    Looks like the tide is lifting all boats like it always does, there's no paradigm shift. This is a bear market rally in all its glory.

    Please let me remind you all again… Uranium companies are most of them a massive scam and will crash in an epic way.

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