Are We Entering a New Commodity "Supercycle"?

During supercycles, commodities trade well above long-term price trends for periods of a decade or longer. There have only been two such cycles since the end of WWII. What defined past supercycles, and how will we identify the start of the next commodity supercycle? Presented by @CME Group:

4 thoughts on “Are We Entering a New Commodity "Supercycle"?

  1. The rise and rise of the Far East Asian markets is win-win for a retrospective review of Capitalism. In a one stop microcosm we have what made the US the paradox it is now. With this true paradigm shift we once again have a natural nebulous Marxist economy.

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  3. Profitable companies are Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Nvidia, Microsoft, Netflix, Zoom so these are the stocks you want to own.
    Also buy Wells Fargo, Disney for the recovery. .

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