75. SPX hits downside target, what next | Trading Opportunities (Forex, Commodities, Indices)

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Commodities: Crude Oil & Gold
Indices: SPX & Nifty
Forex Pair: EURUSD
Cryptocurrency: Bitcoin

The technical analysis is done using Elliott Wave (most advanced form of Price Action analysis), which I have been using for trading & forecasting the markets with 80% plus accuracy for consecutively 6 plus years now.

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00:00 – Disclaimer
01:20 – About Us
03:15 – EURUSD Elliott Wave Analysis
09:21 – Trading the Ending Diagonal on EURUSD (Private Group)
11:20 – Crude Oil (Went up as per analysis)
16:45 – Gold Elliott Wave Analysis
22:44 – SPX (Downside target achieved)
28:50 – Trading the Diagonal break in SPX (Live trades discussed)
30:08 – Nifty (Went down as per analysis)
34:44 – BITCOIN Trade setup


Neerav Yadav is a Trader, Instructor and author of “Think with the Markets.”
He specializes in Advanced Elliott Wave and has worked with and trained proprietary traders (managing millions of dollars) as well as Hedge Fund of his techniques. All of his work, including courses, webinars and articles can be found on https://50eyes.com

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