28. Trading Opportunities (Forex, Commodities, Indices and Crypto) | 50 Eyes Market Analysis

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✸✸✸28 trades discussed during the last 27 webinars played out precisely.✸✸✸
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04:00 – About Us + Announcement of new TP LT Batch
08:13 – EURUSD
11:12 – EURCAD
14:40 – USDJPY
19:17 – EURJPY (Updated count)
24:17 – Crude Oil
29:00 – Gold (Upside target achieved again)
38:17 – SPX (Long term count discussed)
50:40 – Nifty
55:00 – BITCOIN (Upside target achieved)
50:05 – Regarding Personal consultation


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  1. >>>28 trades discussed during last 27 webinars played out.


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